Data Shack LTD. – A Genware Computer Systems and The Data Shack joint venture

Genware Computer Systems, headquartered in Wayne New Jersey with offices across the USA, Uruguay and South Africa, has partnered with The Data Shack (Africa) to extend Advanced Analytic solutions to organizations in the United Kingdom. Data Shack LTD has been formed as a joint venture between two leaders in the Advanced Analytics space. Data Shack LTD provides expert coaching, implementation, design and delivery services. As an elite partner with Tibco, the leading analytics technology company, Data Shack LTD specializes in the Tibco Advanced Analytics technology platform. Data Shack LTD delivers solutions to information hungry organizations in the United Kingdom. Leveraging the global team from Genware Computer Systems and The Data Shack (Africa), Data Shack LTD brings a wealth of expertise to organizations looking to transform their business using Advanced Analytics.

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Genware Computer Systems and The Data Shack have already been teaming to provide customers with the full spectrum of Advanced Analytic solutions in the USA and Africa. These solutions include: Data Science including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation, Visual and Streaming Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data discovery, Data provisioning including Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, and Data Virtualization.

Data Shack LTD will leverage their collective resources and expertise to provide solutions to organizations across the United Kingdom. As an elite partner with Tibco, Data Shack LTD specializes in implementing solutions using Tibco technologies for Advanced Analytics.