January 16, 2019

Data Management

Data Management enables consistent accessibility, delivery, governance, and security of data to meet an organization’s requirements using tools including master data management, data virtualization, data catalog, and self-service data preparation and wrangling.

One trusted view of data

Single View of Data

Solve evolving and complex data management problems by eliminating data silos. Achieve data governance and manage data quality to create a trusted, clean, reliable, complete, and up-to-date single source of information to support your journey to digital transformation and beyond.

Instant data access, improved business

Data virtualization time-to-solution is 5‒10X faster than traditional data warehousing and ETL. You won’t wait weeks or months for new data―and you can rapidly adapt to change with the analytic application stack of your choice. You’ll get analytics into production faster than alternative methods, and continue to adapt as data and business needs change

Instant Data Access

Empower people with instant access to all the data they want, how and when they want it, so they can do analyses that improve the business. Make disparate big data, cloud, and IOT data sources easier to access and use. Govern data from source to consumer.

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