Connected Vehicle Accelerator

Join us in this recording as we showcase the TIBCO Connected Vehicles Accelerator. At Genware we implement solutions that leverage the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform. Contact us to see how this solution can give your business a head start into the use of real-time analytics.

Traditionally, transportation companies relied on routes, schedules, work assignments and other isolated systems to model their business. Much of the data is historical, making it difficult or impossible to predict future state.

In the modern world of Internet of Things (IoT), vehicles have become mobile devices, leading to the Internet of Trains, Boats, or Airplanes. These new information sources provide an opportunity to increase the available operational intelligence, both quantity and quality.

Now with forward-looking data, exceptions can be proactively handled with the best possible outcome, for the company, and its customers and partners, improving their experience.

The accelerator contains three demos, with various test cases in each demo. One is implemented as Virtual Train, a railway operator tracking trains moving across several routes in the Netherlands. The second is Virtual Port, a port operator tracking ship arrivals in the Port of Rotterdam. The third is Virtual Air, a regional airline with a hub based in Manchester.