Evolution of the Semantic Layer

Organizations that use traditional Business Intelligence technologies including IBM Cognos® with Framework Manager and, SAP Business Objects® with a Universe, have experienced the benefit of the semantic layer. The challenge with the BI semantic layer is that it is only used by the same BI technology. Advanced analytic solutions include visual discovery and dashboards, natural[…]

Smart Manufacturers use TIBCO Data Science across Processes

Manufacturing intelligence in the age of Industry 4.0 requires expanding analytic capabilities that are critical to digitizing the business, optimizing costs and accelerating innovation. In a Smart Factory, all relevant data is connected, aggregated, analyzed, and acted on proactively. Sensors, devices, equipment, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem. This manufacturing intelligence gives[…]

Anomaly detection using TIBCO Spotfire® with TIBCO® Streaming. Real-Time visualizations.

In this demonstration we walk through the architecture of a streaming application, that makes use of data science algorithms and machine learning models to identify transactions with anomalies indicating potential fraud. TIBCO Spotfire® is used to train and test models, TIBCO® Streaming applies the model and identifies transactions, and TIBCO Spotfire® is used to show these transactions as they[…]